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ICMRBS ECR seminar series

The ICMRBS is proud to support early career researchers (ECRs) working on magnetic resonance in biological systems. We host a webinar series for ECRs, as well as in person events, and space to promote your research before, during, and after conferences. We’d love you to present, just fill out this form. Alternatively, contact any one of us by email.

NEXT seminar: 18th April 2023 (14:00 UTC)

Seminar series

Previous Speakers

Listen to previous talks in the ICMRBS-ECR webinar series.

Seminar series

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Check out the about us section, we can be reached by email, or on social media. If you want to present, let us know!

Seminar series

Change to the seminar format

We are transitioning to a new format with an ‘off the record’ segment, where speakers highlight pitfalls and challenges in their projects.

What do we do?


Here are the main ways that we are trying to promote NMR/MR ECRs

ECR webinar series

We provide a platform for ECR researchers to present their research, connect, and collaborate.


In collaboration with several funding agencies we work to get more ECRs to conferences. Click their logo below to find out more.


We host events at, and before, major conferences to break the ice, and give non-scheduled speakers a chance to present their research.

Learning resource

We maintain a curated repository of useful NMR learning resources for theoretical and practical elements of NMR.

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What we’re excited about

Latest presentations and posters

  • Phen-DC3 Induces Refolding of Human Telomeric DNA into a Chair-Type Antiparallel G-Quadruplex through Ligand Intercalation

    Phen-DC3 Induces Refolding of Human Telomeric DNA into a Chair-Type Antiparallel G-Quadruplex through Ligand Intercalation

    Anirban Ghosh, Central European Institute of Technology at Masaryk University (CEITEC) MU  Human telomeric G-quadruplex DNA structures are attractive anticancer drug targets. Still, the target’s polymorphism complicates the drug design: different ligands prefer different folds, and very few complexes have been solved at high resolution. Here we showed that Phen-DC3 , one of the most prominent G-quadruplex…


  • Conformational dynamics dictate Histone de-acetylase activity and inhibitor binding

    Conformational dynamics dictate Histone de-acetylase activity and inhibitor binding

    Dr. Vaibhav Kumar Shukla, University College London (UCL), United Kingdom In the histone deacetylase 8 (HDAC8) enzyme, which is a potential target of cancer, wild type and mutant HDAC8s show very similar structures when bound to substrate/inhibitors. Therefore, static structures have not been able to adequately explain observed changes in biochemical activity and substrate/inhibitor binding…


  • Structural insights into Amelotin oligomerization by pressure-jump NMR spectroscopy

    Sai Chiliveri, National Institutes of Health (USA) Summary Amelotin plays a crucial role in the hydroxyapatite mineralization of dental enamel. Due to their dynamic and heterogeneous nature, large oligomeric species formed by Amelotin are not amenable to structural studies at the residue-specific level. Here, we present new pressure-jump NMR methods for probing the structure of oligomeric species.…


Who are we?

The ICMRBS committee for 2022

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Who is an ECR?And who are we aiming to help? (click or hover to find out)

Someone that doesn’t yet have tenure working with Magnetic Resonance in Biological Systems.

Questions and answers


How do I get in touch?

If you have questions, if you want to present, or if you have a poster that you want to show off to the world, get in touch! Click one of the committee members above, go to the about us section, or submit a general enquiry.


Can I advertise a position with you?

Absolutely! We’ll find some space above, or we can post it on our dedicated funding page.


Who are we and what do we do?

Our mandate is quite simple:

  1. Continue the ICMRBS-ECR webinar series
  2. Create and cultivate a web platform for ECRs to present their current work, eg. via short videos and posters.
  3. Present a curated ‘self-serve’ learning resource scoped for ECRs in NMR/MR fields.
  4. Present a semi-curated list of funding resources available for ECRs in NMR/MR separated by career progression and geographical location.

A massive than you to CCPN for hosting us


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