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Country: Singapore
Languages: English, Hindi
Research interests: structural biology, protein dynamics, neurodegeneration, protein NMR, anatomical MRI
Research overview: I am a magnetic resonance enthusiast with research expertise in solution NMR, solid-state NMR and pre-clinical MRI for small animals. I am interested in the field of protein-based biomaterials and bio-inspired solutions for theranostic applications.
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Research highlights:
(2022) Yang Lu#, Bhargy Sharma#, Wei Long Soon, Xiangyan Shi, Tianyun Zhao, Yan Ting Lim, Radoslaw Sobota, Shawn Hoon, Giovanni Pilloni, Adam Usadi, Konstantin Pervushin and Ali Miserez*. Complete sequences of the velvet worm slime proteins reveal that slime formation is enabled by disulfide bonds and intrinsically disordered regions. Advanced Science; 2201444 (#Co-first authors).​

(2021) Sharma, B., Grandjean, J., Phillips, M., Kumar, A., Mandino, F., Yeow, L.Y., Nandwana, V., Dravid, V.P., Bengang, X., Lim, S. and Pervushin, K.*. Lipocalin-Type Prostaglandin D Synthase conjugates as magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents for detecting Amyloid β-rich regions in the brain of live Alzheimer’s Disease mice. Advanced NanoBiomed Research; 2100019.

(2019) Kannaian B, Sharma B, Phillips M, Chowdhury A, Manimekalai MSS, Adav SS, Ng JTY, Kumar A, Lim S, Mu Y, Sze SK, Gerhard Grüber G, and Pervushin K*. Abundant neuroprotective chaperone Lipocalin-type prostaglandin D synthase (L-PGDS) disassembles the Amyloid-β fibrils. Scientific Reports; 9(1):1-17.​

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