New Seminar Format

As the world of science is always changing, so are we.

We’ve got Zoom-fatigue too, so we don’t want to present another platform for someone talking into a computer screen. Engagement! Engagement! Engagement! We want you to get involved, this is going to be a platform for you to ask questions. Questions for experts that you might never get to meet otherwise!

The New format

10-15 min: presentation of research material (Cameras on 🎥 ) – this will be hosted on our youtube channel.
RECORDING STOPS – Transition to conversational format
10 min: What were the biggest challenges and how did you overcome them?
10 min: If you were going to do this again, how would you approach it? What do you wish you knew at the start of your PhD?

We’re aiming to have two speakers a month, but as with everything … supply and demand.

If you want to speak in our seminar series let us know!

about 5 keywords to describe your research area
About 4-6 sentences.
About 2-3 references (can be unpublished / rXiv )
To help us make the website better, we would like to collect:
(1) A 1200x630px (landscape) image to act as a Summary Figure (< 5Mb).
(2) A ‘professional’ looking photo of you (3:4 (portrait), <5 Mb)

We will email you about your selection.