NMR Software


NMRbox is a resource for biomolecular NMR software. It provides tools for finding the software you need, documentation and tutorials for getting the most out of the software, and cloud-based virtual machines for executing the software.


NMRPipe is an extensive software system for processing, analyzing, and exploiting multidimensional NMR spectroscopic data. (Does not work for MBP 2019- without VM)


Sparky is one of the most popular NMR tools for analysis of biomolecules for more than a decade. NMRFAM has taken over the original Sparky from UCSF for the continuous development to implement advances in biomolecular NMR field.

Poky (Wonghee Lee group, Colorado)

The Poky suite is a superset and enhanced version of popular software packages supported by new integrated programs. It provides automated and visualized platforms for various essential tasks such as resonance assignments, structure calculation, dynamics studies, computer-aided drug design and more! It is not only a significant advance in the research platform but also a new software platform for convenient technology development. In the technology development platform, its new extensible and scalable features by scripting and batching will enable users to freely use the offered automated analysis templates and build their own library sets to keep up with the rapid pace of technology.


ccpnmr analysis / assign provide tools for assignment and analysis of multidimensional NMR experiments.


Integrated Software for NMR Analysis. The only software tool that spans; Processing, Visualization, Analysis and (soon) Structure Calculation.