Seminars 2020

29th September 2020 (Structural biology)

Assessing the structure and interactions of γD-crystallin deamidation variants
Alex Guseman, University of Pittsburgh, USA

Probing the mechanism of inhibition of amyloid fibril formation by the chaperonin GroEL
Marielle Wälti, National Institute of Health, USA

High-resolution ex vivo NMR spectroscopy of human Z ɑ1-antitrypsin
Chris Waudby, University College London, UK

28th October 2020 (Nucleic Acids / Protein-Nucleic acids interaction )

Extending the Sensitivity of CEST NMR Spectroscopy to Micro‐to‐Millisecond Dynamics in Nucleic Acids Using High‐Power Radio‐Frequency Fields
Atul Rangadurai, Duke University, USA

Ribosomal RNA – dynamic regions of E.coli h44
Hampus Karlsson, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Modulation of pre-mRNA structure by hnRNP proteins regulates alternative splicing of MALT1 in T cells
Alisha Jones, TU Munich, Germany

How I got by with a little help from my friends
Angela Gronenborn, University of Pittsburgh, USA

25th November 2020 (Drug discovery & development)

Targeting BRD3-ET using a Fragment Based Drug Discovery approach
Lorna White, University of Sydney, Australia

NMR in target driven drug discovery: why not?
Marta Carneiro, ZoBio, Netherlands

NMR-based structural and dynamic characterization of bacterial enzymes in fragment-based drug design
Stefan Nebl, Monash University, Australia

Going south: An incoherent journey in magnetic resonance
Frances Separovic, University of Melbourne, Australia

16th December 2020 (Solid state NMR)

The hepatitis B virus capsid seen by solid-state NMR
Lauriane Lecoq, CNRS, France

Spin labelled peptide for in-cell DNP solid-state NMR
Marc Sani, The University of Melbourne, Australia

Impacts of protein deuteration and MAS rate on 1H-13C solid-state distance measurements
Andrew Nieuwkoop, Rutgers University, USA

Your career from A to Z: Learning from my mistakes
Arthur Palmer, Columbia University, USA