Seminars 2021

10th February 2021

Conformational flexibility of GRASP proteins and their constituent PDZ subdomains reveals structural basis of their promiscuous interactome
Luis Felipe Santos Mendes, The University of São Paulo (Brazil)

An intrinsically disordered motif regulates the interaction between the p47 adaptor and the p97 AAA+ ATPase
Rui Huang, University of Guelph (Canada)

High pressure switches the β1-adrenergic receptor to the active state in the absence of G protein
Layara Abiko, Universität Basel (Switzerland)

24th February 2021

Using Deep Learning for NMR Spectral Reconstruction and Virtual Decoupling
Gogulan Karunanithy, University College London, UK

Characterizing the complex between Lyn kinase and the growth hormone receptor using NMR and molecular simulations
Sowmya Indrakumar, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Enzyme activity regulation beyond allostery: Substrate discrimination via a proline switch in beta-phosphoglucomutase from Lactococcus lactis
F. Aaron Cruz-Navarrete, University of Sheffield, UK

10th March 2021

NMR-assisted Analyses of Nucleic Acid Therapeutics
Pallabi Sengupta, Quretech Bio, Sweden

Glycan Assignment and Quantification in Microalgae Using in-cell 13C Solid-State NMR
Alexandre Poulhazan, Université du Québec, Canada

A new method for B1 calibration using small molecule CEST
Ahallya Jaladeep, Indian Institute of Science, India

24th March 2021

The dynamical closed state of a bacterial ion channel
Marta Bonaccorsi, ENS-Lyon, France

Two-dimensional reconstruction of distance distributions in pulse dipolar EPR spectroscopy via singular value decomposition
Thomas Schmidt, National Institutes of Health, USA

NMR structural studies of how the proteasome subunit hRpn13 interacts with ubiquitinated substrates and the proteasome
Xiuxiu Lu, National Cancer Institute, USA

7th April 2021

Hsp70 chaperone diversity achieved by Hsp40 class specific regulation
Ofrah Faust, Weizmann Institute, Israel

How accurate is your NMR structure? We have the ANSURR!
Nick Fowler, University of Sheffield, UK

Making sense of cross-correlated relaxation in flexible proteins
Clemens Kauffmann, University of Vienna, Austria

21st April 2021

Oligomeric assembly regulating mitochondrial HtrA2 function as examined by methyl-TROSY NMR
Yuki Toyama, University of Toronto, Canada

Synergistic relationship between water dynamics and functional motions in intrinsically disordered proteins revealed by spin relaxation and molecular dynamics simulations
Nicola Salvi, IBS-CEA Grenoble, France

Protein-drug interactions monitored by time-resolved NMR in human cells
Enrico Luchinat , University of Florence, Italy

5th May 2021

The initial protein oligomeric state dictates the effect of small cosolutes on the domain-swapping reactions within the homeostatic timescale
Borja Mateos, CIC bioGUNE, Derio, Spain

The electrostatic contribution to hydrogen exchange in intrinsically disordered human α-synuclein
Rupashree Dass, Aarhus Uni, Denmark

Characterization of the main protease from COVID-19
Angus Robertson, NIH, USA

19th May 2021

A suite of 19F based relaxation dispersion experiments to assess biomolecular motions
Jan Overbeck, University of Regensburg, Germany

New insights on Hsp40 mediated proteostasis by solution NMR
Theo Karamanos, University of Leeds, UK

Deciphering the intricate code of RG/RGG regions in liquid-liquid phase separation and its regulation by TNPO1
Sinem Usluer, Medical University of Graz, Austria

2nd June 2021

Folding of non-canonical DNA Structures in Real-Time: Insights into G‑Quadruplex Polymorphism
Tassilo Grün, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

NMR Metabolomics In Preterm Birth Research
Stella Chasapi, University of Patras, Greece

Room-Temperature DNP NMR Spectroscopy of Small Biological Molecules in Water
Jiafei Mao, University of Frankfurt, Germany

16th June 2021

Influence of binding partners on aggregation of polyglutamine-rich Huntington Exon 1 protein: a quantitative NMR study
Alberto Ceccon, National Institutes of Health, USA

NMR studies of protein conformational transitions induced by high pressure and ligand binding
Jim Xu, City University of New York, USA

Characterization of secondary structure of dehydratase docking domain in complex with dehydratase with MAS NMR
Jacqueline Tognetti, University of Warwick, UK

30th June 2021

Effect of multivalent ions on the phase behaviour of model proteins
Matja Zalar, University of Manchester, UK

Structure and dynamics of nucleosomes with different DNA sequences and histone modifications
Xiangyan Shi, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Protein-ligand complex binding pocket structure determination with NMR2, the NMR Molecular Replacement method
Julien Orts, University of Vienna, Austria

14th July 2021

Quantum bioinorganic NMR
Enrico Ravera, University of Florence, Italy

Dynamics of epigenetic DNA modifications by 1H NMR
Romeo Dubini , LMU, Germany

Extending the size limit of DNA systems studied by NMR via a methyl-TROSY approach
Gili Abramov, University of Toronto, Canada

28th July 2021

The role of the intrinsically disordered N-terminal region in the structure and dynamics of Dengue virus capsid protein
Glauce Barbosa, UFRJ, Brazil

Deciphering the paramagnetic NMR spectra of small laccase
Rubin Dasgupta, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

11th August 2021

Atomic level mapping of allosteric pathways controlling non-overlapping functions in the MIF superfamily
George Lisi, Brown University, USA

Studying the allosteric regulation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis ClpP1P2 protease using methyl-TROSY NMR and cryo-EM
Siavash Vahidi , University of Guelph, Canada

Engagement of undergraduate students to expand the RNA chemical shift database
Sarah Keane, University of Michigan, USA

25th August 2021

Global analysis of protein arginine methylation
Fangrong Zhang, Medical University of Graz, Austria

Through-space scalar 19F–19F couplings between fluorinated non-canonical amino acids for the detection of specific contacts in proteins
Henry Orton, The Australian National University, Australia

Structural basis for the activation of the DEAD box helicase DbpA during ribosome biogenesis
Philip Wurm, Uni Regensburg, Germany

8th September 2021

Insights into the specificity for the interaction of the promiscuous SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid protein N-terminal domain with nucleic acids
Icaro P. Caruso, UNESP/UFRJ, Brazil

Competing stress-dependent oligomerization pathways regulate self-assembly of the periplasmic protease-chaperone DegP
Rob Harkness, University of Toronto, Canada

22nd September 2021

The role of conformational entropy in molecular evolution of bacterial transcriptional repressors
Daiana Capdevila, Leloir Insitute, Argentina

Using pulsed EPR and spin labelling to investigate the conformational landscape of integral membrane proteins in lipid bilayers
Christos Pilotas, University of Leeds, UK

Multiple regulatory intrinsically disordered motifs control FOXO4 transcription factor binding and function
Benjamin Bourgeois, Med Uni Graz, Austria

6th October 2021

Monitoring KRAS phosphorylation and mutant-specific GTPase cycling by real-time NMR
Teklab Gebregiworgis, University Health Network, Canada

NMR as a tool to investigate the mechanism of action of (metal)-drugs
Veronica Ghini, University of Florence, Italy

3rd November 2021

Interactions of the disordered N-terminus of the Ral effector
Jasmine Cornish, University of Cambridge, UK

A protein hindered from folding by its parent ribosome
Anais Cassaignau, UCL, UK

24th November 2021

Structural characterization of the RNA-binding protein SERBP1
David Libich, University of Texas – San Antonio, US

Nascent chain dynamics and ribosome interactions within folded ribosome–nascent chain complexes
Charles Burridge, UCL, UK