Seminars 2022

12th October 2022

19F Solid-State NMR Application in PET Imaging Agent Binding and Protein Structural Assignment
Pu Duan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)

Watson-Crick-like tautomeric and anionic G-U/T conformational states in RNA-DNA hybrids: Context dependence and implications for transcriptional errors   
Or Szekely, Duke University School of Medicine (USA)

9th November

Hyperpolarization Techniques in NMR: Applications to Biological Systems
James Eills, Institute for bioengineering of Catalonia (Spain)

14th December

Title TBC
Kai Xue, Nanyang Technological Institute (Singapore)

Title TBC
Ganecko Bernardo, CiC bioGUNE (Spain)