Seminars 2023

14th March

The effect of nucleotide exchange factor on its partner, the E. coli Hsp 70 DnaK, is based on conformational changes
Maria-Agustina Rossi, UMAss Amherst (USA)

Structural insights into Amelotin oligomerization by pressure-jump NMR spectroscopy
Sai Chiliveri
, National Institutes of Health (USA)

18th April

Conformational dynamics dictate Histone de-acetylase activity and inhibitor binding
Dr. Vaibhav Kumar Shukla, 
University College London (UCL), United Kingdom

Phen-DC3 Induces Refolding of Human Telomeric DNA into a Chair-Type Antiparallel G-Quadruplex through Ligand Intercalation
 Ghosh, Central European Institute of Technology at Masaryk University (CEITEC) MU